“What’s happening to the Wixarika people is also happening to other peoples around the world.” 

The Huffington Post – 2015

“You can watch the documentary online with subtitles in 8 languages, while supporting the production and promotion costs of this and other independent stories.”

Online exhibition

“To make sure to be heard, the Huichols have reinvented their combat modes: investing in weapons of digital communication, they commissioned a documentary.”

Marianne Wasowska – Le Monde – 2015

“The documentary is considered a successful case of independent film exhibition in Mexico.”

Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) – January 2014

“We believe that movies generate awakenings, useful to stimulate an independent and critical view of reality. Thats the reason we´ve made this movie.”

Vilchez & Stefani – La Jornada – 2014

“There are a lot of lessons in Wirikuta, for us and for everyone else.”

Clemente Ramírez – INTERCONTINENTAL CRY – 2014

“We would like to invite you to watch this documentary and analyze it, to make constructive criticism and publicize it in the most remote areas…”

Wixaritari civil and traditional authorities – 2015

“More than 150,000 people of 80 countries have watched the documentary.”

Vilchez & Stefani – 2016

“This documentary combines stunning cinematography with engaged and compassionate storytelling to bring an underrepresented tale of resistance.”

Ezra Winton – Cinema Politica – 2015

“The idea of selling and irrationally exploiting of territories where pilgrims annually deeply offends the Huichols: for them that´s sacred land, you can not owe it, nor destroy it for the sake of any profit.”

Laura Rivas – El País Semanal – 2015

“The Wixaritari know, and are trying to let us know, that the destruction of this territory threatens the balance of life in this planet.”

Ojarasca Magazine – Mayo – 2014

“The documentary brings us to the different social and public actions to publicize the defense of Wirikuta and its meaning.”

Ecoosfera – 2015

“As a family, we have an important responsibility to our people and our culture. That´s why we asked this movie to be made.”

Ramírez Family – 2014

“Through a valuable ethnographic perspective it complies with the necessary documentary tradition to come forward as an instrument of denunciation”

Diego Martínez – Correcamara – 2014

“We are defending the sacred territory, and by this, we are defending the life of the whole planet.”

Juan José “Katira” Ramírez – INTERCONTINENTAL CRY – 2014